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Coral Cadman
Astrological interpretation
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The times we're living through ask for stamina, mindfulness, heart, and a deeper awareness of our interconnected world. 

Welcome to my website!

Session options, Paypal invoice fees and general info:

If I can support you in your desire to understand and embrace your essential role and purpose in the larger arena we share, please feel free to call upon me. Astrological archetypes and the planetary cycles that are in operation 24/7, do not require faith to be readily observed in the life of the individual, as well as the collective, but it really seems to help when translated via "star logic". 

"To everything there is a season...and a time to every purpose under heaven." ~ Ecclesiastes

  • 30 min "brush up" is $77 (a few quick questions)
  • 60 min transits & progressions update is $130
  • Solar Return "rebirthday" chart, "the lay of the land" for the coming year is $130
  • 75 min  transits & progressions update is $160
  • 90 min natal chart interpretation + updated transits & major progressions for $190
  • Couples compatibility sessions are 90-120 min for $260
  • The Whole Enchilada is an astrology update WITH a tarot reading 2 hrs for $260
  • Tarot readings are $140 for 75 minutes & includes our recorded session &photos of your cards.

If you'd like to make an appointment, you'll send me your birth information via email, to: to proceed, including your current NAME, your BIRTHDATE, your RECORDED BIRTH-TIME, your BIRTHPLACE and current locale (city & state), so I can accurately update things for you. We will arrange an appointment via Skype or US phone. Your session is recorded and the audio file is sent when payment is received via Paypal invoice. A 24-hour cancellation notice is needed, barring an emergency. My "no-show" fee is $60 if you miss your confirmed time without notifying me.

Mundane Horoscopy

Resuming sharing some astro-investigative writing beyond the walls of my tropical cave, and prognostications in the field of mundane horoscopy. For example, "What does it mean that the USA's chart is undergoing its 1st 'Pluto Return'?".  Since it is a cycle of 248 years, no humans (that I know of) have had their "Pluto return". The USA had its 240th Solar Return in 2016, so we're now in the "orb of influence" of the return of Pluto to its natal position, heralding a coming home to roost, of the chickens, karmically. What did we think Plutocrats looked like? A scary-clown car, stuffed with greedy, shut-down CEOs and billionaires out for themselves, and apparently a similar ilk in Putin's Russia!? Ay-yai-yai...


Why have a reading? FAQs

Send me some questions, and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

What else?

The Fool's Journey ~ Tarot Readings

I offer individual, couples, family and group tarot readings. I got my first Tarot deck (the Rider-Waite deck) at Fahrenheit 451 Books in Laguna Beach, CA in 1970, the year I turned 20, and changed to the Motherpeace deck in 1982, so I have been reading cards for 47 years now. The accuracy of the tarot's reliable numbers & symbol-bank and synchronistically accurate reflections, never ceases to amaze me, nearly 50 years later. The Fool's Journey is such an interesting context for understanding where we are along the way now. Where we just came from and where it looks like we're headed in our soul-growing process, from neophyte to adept.  In the Fool's Journey, there are 78 distinct reflections of human possibility presented. The BIG energies are represented by the "MAJORS" Roman numeral cards 0-XXI. The  MINORS or "people" cards complete the deck with 56 varied human conditions depicted. 

Charts of prominent people examined...

Here's Bernie Sanders' natal chart, illustrating a 10th house SUN in VIRGO. The archetype of  a genuine, lifetime public servant. Scorpio "rising" is "co-ruled" by Mars & Pluto, and he has the famously irritable MOON in ARIES conjunct MARS in ARIES, but opposed by VENUS in LIBRA expressing a yearning for peace and cooperation, in the 11th house of "my hopes and wishes for humanity". Senator Sanders is a warrior of sorts, a transformer and spokesperson for his vision of the greater good. A noble trait inherent to his rather serious nature. The chart suggests 2 marriages, vis a vis the placements in the 7th house, and also some way he is called into the public eye.

As above, so below.

Please let me know if I can hold the cosmic mirror up for you and assist with understanding and allowing for the intimate dance going on within each one of us. The Sun, Moon and planets are our immediate family in our solar system, like clockwork, your cycles are set in motion when you take your first breath and enter (re-enter?) the great rounding wheel of existence. Each of us carries out our own unique destiny and identity in this life, and your chart is neutral and available for the exercise of free-will. But mostly it helps you to call yourself home and consciously remember what you signed up for during this incarnation.

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