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General information, options & fees:

For me, astrology is a jumping-off tool for understanding our spirit's journey through this unique lifetime. Astrology assumes that we reincarnate. It illustrates where we're coming from and where we're headed, whether consciously or not.  Steering by and with the stars allows for a profound validation and sometimes specific guidance for addressing current challenges and options for growth. I jokingly have described my work as "spying on God for you," because key events, places, and the people in our life are "scheduled", and if you have accurate birth information, we can see the lessons coming and going and pace ourselves in accord with the unique timing of what life is asking of us NOW. Since reality is never trying to hurt our feelings, it can ease the process to understand the timing and to observe which archetypes are currently working us. The planets were said by seer Edgan Cayce, to be the Archangels themselves, assisting us in the process of living and learning and fulfilling our "fated" karmic destinys, debts & meaning-filled contracts, ie, where our souls rub up against other souls in order to grow.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or are standing at an important crossroads, you might appreciate a bit of orientation with compassion, some levity and without judgement. Astrology is truly democratic. All the archetypal signs and seasons fill out the rounding wheel of existence, and the cycles are reliable. My world is very animated. I experience Creator God/Goddess All That Is, with the Sun and Moon as its living, always nearby presence. As if the Earth and all her creatures are their children. This tool for me, its origins and mythic dimensions keeps me curious about the "plan" and map that our astrological mandala represents.

Astrological archetypes and the planetary cycles that are in operation 24/7, do not require faith to be readily observed in the life of the individual, as well as the collective, but it really seems to help when translated via "star logic".  42 years ago, I began my practice of holding up the mirror for another's soul, and testing the birth-time if it isn't accurate. I remain in awe of the gift of this reliable insight tool, and I am flexible with my fees depending upon individual circumstances too, so please feel free to ask.

  • 30 min "brush up" session or a new baby's chart is $80 
  • 60 min transits & progressions update is $150
  • 60 min Solar Return = "the lay of the land" for the coming year is $150

                Closer to your birthday season, if you already are familiar with your natal chart's themes, 

                I'd recommend the "Solar Return" (sometimes I call it "the beach tattoo,") because it is a temporary 

                horoscope which expresses "the "lay of the land" for your personal new year, which begins on or close to your birthday. 

  • 75 min transits & progressions update is $160
  • 90 min Update or Natal chart interpretation, 

                   w/transits & major progressions is $195

  • 2 hour astrology sessions are $280 
  • Relationship/compatibility sessions are 90-120 min for $300

                 Compares the birth charts of two people in a personal or business relationship, 

                  evaluating them individually and then comparing the dynamics between them in order to 

                  assess compatibility, challenges, and the purpose behind why they have come together.

  • The Whole Enchilada: astrology update & tarot reading, 2 hrs for $280
  • Motherpeace Tarot readings are $140 for 60-75 minutes 

                   Includes recording & photos of your cards.

If you'd like to make an appointment, you'll send me your birth information via email to: coralcadman@gmail.com.  Please imclude your NAME, your BIRTHDATE, your RECORDED BIRTH-TIME, your BIRTHPLACE and current locale (city & state), so I can accurately update things for you. We will arrange an appointment via US phone, Skype or Facetime. Your session is recorded and the audio file is sent when payment is received via Paypal invoice. A 24-hour cancellation notice is needed, barring an emergency. My "no-show" fee is $80 if you miss your confirmed time without notifying me.

Mundane Horoscopy

Resuming sharing some astro-investigative writing beyond the walls of my tropical cave, and prognostications in the field of mundane horoscopy. For example, "What does it mean that the USA's chart is undergoing its 1st 'Pluto Return'?" Roughly speaking, an 8-year transit.  Since it is a cycle of 248 years, no humans (that I know of) have had their "Pluto return". The USA will have its 244th Solar Return on July 4, 2020, so we're now halfway through the return of Pluto to its natal position, heralding a coming home to roost, of the chickens, karmically. What did we think Plutocrats looked like? A scary-clown car, stuffed with greedy, shut-down CEOs and billionaires out for themselves. 

What else?


The Fool's Journey ~ Tarot Readings

Tarot for me is Sacred Play.  I offer individual, couples, family and group tarot readings. I got my first Tarot deck (the Rider-Waite deck) at Fahrenheit 451 Books in Laguna Beach, CA in 1970, the year I turned 20, and changed to the Motherpeace deck in 1982, so I have been reading cards for 50 years now. The accuracy of the tarot's reliable numbers & symbol-bank and synchronistically accurate reflections, never ceases to amaze me. The Fool's Journey is such an interesting context for understanding where we are along the way now, where we just came from and where it looks like we're headed in our soul-growing process, from neophyte to adept.  

In the Fool's Journey, there are 78 distinct reflections of human possibility presented. The BIG energies are represented by the 22 "MAJORS" Roman numeral cards 0-XXI. The MINORS or "people"   cards complete the deck with 56 varied human conditions & nuances of experience played out through the 4 elemental suits. The four elements correlate with the 4 suits that most people are familiar with via standard playing cards as Spades (swords, AIR element), Clubs (Wands, FIRE element), Hearts  (Cups, WATER element) & Diamonds (Disks, EARTH element). All western playing cards were derived from the tarot. The Catholic church banned the Higher Arcanum cards as "fortune telling" and only allowed the "0" Zero card of the Higher Arcanum 0 = the Joker = the FOOL to remain with the deck. Interesting, eh?



As above, so below.

 Each of us carries out our own unique destiny and identity in this lifetime, and your chart is a symbolic map with respect to this process. Your birth-chart helps you to consciously remember what you came to experience in this particular incarnation and to proceed to be yourself, since "everyone else is already taken", as Oscar Wilde said.